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Plugins galore for photoshop

Since the 1990's, Photoshop filters have appeared in ever increasing numbers, and there are probably now 3000 or 4000 filters available. This collection brings together a wide variety of different filter plugin effects from super professional to more humble plugins such as the Filter Factory Filters. Each plugin works in a different way so you have to check the documentation which comes with each one.

In most cases, you can undo any changes you make using a certain filter in photosshop so the best way is just to experiment. Try the plugin with different images and different settings. Or siimply use the plugin in combination with other effects or actions. As with all things, it depends on what you would like to achieve using the plugin and the capabilities of the plugin and how much time you have to create that perfect image. Most of these plugins come with preview screens so you can modify the sliders without affecting the main image. These plugins are really aimed at professional photographers but you can also have fun just experimenting.

Filter Factory Gallery A is a pack of 20 free filters for Photoshop and allows you to apply all manner of effects and finishes.

To install it, you'll need the plugin compiler for Photoshop and Premiere called Plugin Commander.


  • Allows you to create lots of cool effects
  • Completely free


  • Aimed mainly at professionals
  • Requires careful reading of instructions per filter


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Filter Factory Gallery A


Filter Factory Gallery A for PC


User reviews about Filter Factory Gallery A

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    fun and zany.
    Especially like the mirror, mirror filter. You can do some crazy creative things with and image that lends itself More

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